WooCommerce and Wordpress

Enhance your WordPress and add an Onlineshop to it.

Read the following information to find out to install your WordPress and your WooCommerce plug in via your Servage hosting account.

Before we go into details, lets desribe in few words what WooCommerce is. WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce plugin for WordPress that lets you build all kinds of online stores. It lets you turn a basic website into a website with a shop which WordPress can’t do that by itself. If you install and activate the WooCommerce plugin you can add products, a shopping cart and a checkout. Check the following page to find more details about WooCommerce:


Ok, not lets take a look how you can install the tool via your Servage account! If not done yet, please install first a WordPress on one of your hosts. It is easy as 1, 2, 3 since we offer that tool via our Application installer. Using Application Installer you can deploy popular web applications within minutes e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart etc etc. You just have to fill in your details and Click on Install. Thats it your Web application is up and Running. Henceforth no need of creating Databases manually or downloading zips and unzipping them on your server. No need of Debugging or tracing back as to why did the Installation failed. Application Installer does all that for you. Just sit back and relax. Let Application Installer handle everything:


As soon as WordPress is installed, you can go ahead and install WooCommerce. WooCommerce is one of many plug ins for your WordPress and can be installed and uninstalled the same as any other WordPress plugin. Lets have a tour of WooCommerce Installation via WordPress Admin :

  • log in to your WordPress back end (the URL and the log in details are provided during the installation of WordPress)
  • go to Plugins > Add New
  • search for “WooCommerce”.
  • click Install Now
  • click Activate Now and you’re ready for the WooCommerce Wizard.

When WooCommerce is activated for the first time, the WooCommerce Setup Wizard will be the next screen you see after clicking “Activate”. This helps you set up and configure your site with WooCommerce functionality.

Please note:

We always recommend having a WordPress + WooCommerce website that can run on the latest versions as it makes the page both faster and more secure. We always suggest to keep the software up-to-date and seek their support/forums for any known vulnerabilities/fixes/workarounds available.

PHP versions older than 7.3 no longer receive official security updates. We advice our clients to update PHP version for their websites to latest one and it can be done easily within their Control Panel :