Backing up your WordPress installation

t is vital that you backup WordPress files regularly. You can do a manual backup or use plugin to generate regular backups. While Servage does offer daily backups, we strongly recommend you create your own backups as well and download them.


To backup WordPress files you can simply login in SSH and run this command:

tar -cvf folder.tar folder/

Here ‘folder’ is the names of the website folder under which your WordPress files are stored. This will create a tar archive of the folder which you can download via FTP.

You must also backup WordPress database. You can get the database name from wp-config.php file. To download Database backup, you can use phpMyAdmin. Here are its steps:

  • log in to your Servage account

  • go to Database > mySQL

  • log in to phpMyAdmin

  • on the top, there is a button "Export"

  • push that button and choose the format of the dump and the location where you want to save it.

We recommend backing up WordPress before making any major changes and at regular intervals.

You can also use plugins like UpdraftPlus, BackupBuddy, BlogVault to backup your WordPress.