How to adminstrate the DNS settings

- login to your Servage account - Go to "Domains and Websites" and navigate to "DNS" - choose the site for which you want to add the SPF-record from the drop down menu: you see now a list with all DNS records added to the domain and all associated subdomain. - push the the green button "Add": - push the button "Advanced": - now see now a full list of the records you can add: - choose the one you want to add and enter all the other info required for th...

How to close the subscription

- log in to your Servage account - go to "My Account" (you find that link on the top/right of the control panel) - go to "Subscriptions" and you see your current services - you can close the service by pushing the button "Close":

How to downgrade a webhosting account?

Important: make a back up of your files, databases,e-mails, SSL certificates etc. before you downgrade to avoid data loss! The procedure to downgrade is: - log in to your Servage control panel - click on the tap "My Account" - go to "Subscriptions" At the bottom of the page, you find a link in gray font which says: "Show me my downgrade options". Push that link and downgrade your account to "domain hosting" NOTE : You won't see the 'downgrade' option if there is an pending invo...

How to upgrade a domain account?

If you want to use all webhosting services which Servage has to offer, then please either open a Servage account here ( or upgrade your domain account to a webhosting account: - log in to your Servage control panel - click on the tap "MY ACCOUNT (top/right on your dashboard) - go to "Subscriptions" to see your current subscription and the possibilities to upgrade - push the button "Upgrade" for your Webhosting subscription: - the Payment options o...

Where to change the customer details?

- log in to your Servage account - go to "My Account" (top/right on the control panel start page) - go to "Account" - "Account settings" - you can now adjust: - Main info (your name and your mail address) - Address (your address details) - Payment options - Language of your control panel - push the button "Save" to apply the changes

Servage Terms Of Services

The basis for the cooperation between Servage and our customers are our terms of services. You find them HERE (

How to change the Servage account username

- login to your Servage account - click on your current username (the e-mail address which you find top/right on the startpage of your Servage account) - a new window opens, click on 'Profile' - go to the tab 'username and password' - enter the new username (needs to be an e-mail address which is accesible by you) - enter your Servage account password to confirm the username chage - push the button 'Save

How to cancel domain renewal

- login to your Servage accout - go to "My Account": - Navigate to "Subscriptions" - go to "Domains" - Push the button with the red cross to delete the domain OR push the button "Turn off Renewal" to stop the renewal of the domain in the future