How to upgrade a domain account?

If you want to use all webhosting services which Servage has to offer, then please either open a Servage account here or upgrade your domain account to a webhosting account:

  • log in to your Servage control panel
  • click on the tap "MY ACCOUNT (top/right on your dashboard)
  • go to "Subscriptions" to see your current subscription and the possibilities to upgrade
  • push the button "Upgrade" for your Webhosting subscription:

  • the Payment options open and you can:
    • choose the webhosting period you want to run (3, 6, 12 or 24 months)
    • if you have a campaign code, you can enter it in "Campaign code"
  • push the button "UPGRADE"

Please note that the activation of your webhosting subscription may take a couple of minutes. You find the invoice for the webhosting subscription on the startpage of your Servage account.