How to create a new FTP account?

You can use FTP account to upload/download/delete/rename or even change file/folder permissions on server. - Login to the control panel and go to: - Files - FTP - Push the green 'ADD' button at bottom right. - Enter the details and save the changes. Please use always strong and secure passwords. Use a mix of numbers and characters and don't ascending or descending strings or numbers. Click on this link ( to find an assistant to create a strong...

Change ftp password

>> Login to the control panel. >> Files >> FTP >> Click 'EDIT' button in front of FTP user account and enter the new password. >> If you want to change the FTP root folder, you can do it from 'Root folder for FTP account' option. Just browse to the appropriate folder and save the changes.

What are my FTP details?

If you want to configure a FTP program, you need to enter the following details: - FTP server, - FTP port, - FTP username, - FTP password You find the server and username here: - log in to your Servage account - go to "File" and choose "FTP" You see now the 1 hostname (ftp server), 2 IP address 3 username of your FTP account(s) The password is not displayed for security reasons

How to reset my FTP account password?

- log in to your Servage account - go to "Files" and choose "FTP" - push the button "EDIT" for the FTP account for which you want to reset the password - enter and repeat the new password - push the green button "SAVE"

What FTP client to you recommend?

Our customers are free to choose their own FTP client. Plenty of user have reported positive experience when using FileZilla. This program is for free and is easy to handle. If you want more information about that tool, click ( here. However, you are free to use the FTP client of your choice.

How to create a new FTP account

- login in your Servage control panel - go to menu FILES > FTP - click on the green 'Add' button at bottom - enter the Username and the password, repeat password. - choose the root folder for this FTP account by clicking on 'root': Hint: If you choose 'root', the FTP account has access to all hosts in your account If you choose a specific folder, it will be locked to that folder only. - click the green 'Add' button at bottom. Please make sure to remember the FTP usernam...