Disk space usage

It is very important yet easy task to check or calculate actual disk space usage of your account using SSH commands. Servage offers SSH access with Web Hosting plan so, we will learn here about the Steps to create SSH Account and Command to check disk space usage of your account.

Steps to create SSH Account:

1. Login into your Servage panel
2. Click on option named "SSH" available under Files section
3. Click on "Add New Account"
4. Click on Add SSH Account after filling the desired username and password in the SSH account window.

Steps to determine your Servage account's disk usage:

1. Login into your servage panel through ssh client. (https://helpdesk.servage.net/924608--How-To-Log-In-Via-SSH)

2. Make sure you are in your main document root or enter command to "cd ~" to get into home directory

3. Type the following command to check or calculate entire usage under your account (Files and folders only):

du -sh * | sort -h

Here, du command is used for the purpose to calculate disk usage for every file and directory on the current path and sort command used to sort data usage statistics with smallest size contents at top and largest contents at bottom.

Make a note that, this command may take sometime in case you have large file size contents under your account.