How to extract the e-mail header

When reporting e-mail related issues such as e.g. problems with delivering an e-mail or spam which is slipping through the filters, it is useful to provide our support with the e-mail header which enables our support to trouble shoot the issue. Here, you find guides how to extract the e-mail header for the most common e-mail clients:



  1. Open the e-mail with a double click
  2. On the top right side of Thunderbird, you find an icon with three lines
  3. Push that icon and go "View" and then to "Message source"
  4. You get then a new window with the header information. You can copy the header information

Exchange Online for Office 365

  1. Click to open the email message.
  2. At the top right hand corner of the message, you will see a dropdown menu arrow icon, next to the "Reply all" button. Click the dropdown menu arrow icon.  
  3. A menu will open, select View message details which will appear near the bottom of the menu.  
  4. This will open a new popup window with the email headers for the message.
  5. You can copy the header information

Outlook 2016

  1. Double click on the email message so that it is opened in its own window.  
  2. On the Message tab, in the Options section there is a little button with an arrow in it. Click on it to get the message options menu with the internet headers in the bottom section.
  3. The Message Options window comes up. The last component of this is the "Internet headers"
  4. Use right moust button inside the headers and choose "Select All",
  5. Right click again and choose Copy.


If your e-mail client is not listed here, please either check the help function of your mail program to find out how to extract the header or get in touch with our support. We will try to find out for you how you can extract the e-mail header with the program you are using.