Junk Folder and Junk Filter in Webmail

In this post, we like to describe how you can set up your own junk folder and how you can define your own spam/junk filter in our Webmailer. Please check the following to find out how:

a) set up your junk folder

  • log in to your Webmailer
  • go to “Settings” and choose “Preferences”
  • find the setting “Special Folder” and click on it
  • you can now define what folder you want to define as Junk folder:


  •  push the button “Save” to save the setting


b) Now, you can set up your junk filter:

  • go again to “Settings”
  • then go to “Filters” and push the “+” icon at the bottom of the page to create a new filter. You can adjust the filter in accordance to your needs
  1.  Name of the Filter
  2.  you can choose several rules to run your filter (e.g. Subject contains “bla products” AND From contains “strangeaddress@email.com”) etc
  3.  decide to what folder you want to move the spam e-mails:


  •  push the button “Save” to save the filter.

We recommend to run the filter for a while and to check how satisfactory the filtering it. You can always adjust or alter the filter to improve it. The experience shows that a spam filter grows over the time and gets enhanced step by step.