Control Panel

How to adminstrate your files with the help of the Servage FileManager

The FileManager helps you to administrate your files via your Servage control panel - without the need to use an additional tool. The FileManager can be found in your Servage account under “Files” -> “FileManager”. When you enter this section of your control panel, you can see an elaborated Tool which shows you: A) The Directory Tree of the files in your Servage on the left side. B) On Top of the FileManager, you find a fancy tool bar which allows you to adminstrate files (upload, download,...

How to upgrade Wordpress via the control panel

Servage recommends to keep the WordPress up to date. The reason for that is that the WordPress developers find and fix bugs, add new features, and hunt down security vulnerabilities on a regular basis. These changes are then released in a new WordPress version. You find a detailed overview of the improvements on e.g. THIS ( page. Servage makes it very easy for you to upgrade your WordPress (and other applications which are installed via our application...

Where should I check my account logs like when we have added, deleted or modified services ?

-> login to your Servage control panel -> Usage -> History -> "Actions" tab Here you can find a historic log that shows added, deleted or modified services on your account. The history goes back about three months. You can check which action is done and when its done in your account by users

Where should I check my control panel login history ?

-> login to your Servage control panel -> Usage -> History -> "Login History" tab Here you can check when and who have logined to your control panel with ip address. All logs are in tabular format which contains exact date, IP address and User. The history goes back about three months.

How to update the Servage account contact details

- - log in to your Servage account - go to "My Account" (top/right on the control panel start page) - go to "Account" - "Account settings" - you can now adjust: - Main info (your name and your mail address) - Address (your address details) - Payment options - Language of your control panel - push the button "Save" to apply the changes If you want to have the main e-mail address (the e-mail address where all notifications for the Servage account...

How to reset the servage account password.

You are able to change the password for your servage control panel via the control panel link. - Browse the control panel URL - - You will see the option to click on "Forgot password? (" - Now enter your full email address as your account username. - You will receive an email to the mentioned email address with instructions to reset the password.

Change common php.ini settings

- log in to your Servage account - go to "Domains and websites" and choose "Websites" - push the button "PHP config" Here you can find the option to alter the common php.ini settings: open_basedir short_open_tag display_errors register_argc_argv allow_url_fopen allow_url_include ignore_repeated_errors ignore_repeated_source file_uploads max_input_vars expose_php