• log in to your already installed website builder
  • in the website builder, go to 'Content Elements':

  • click on 'Images and & Videos'

Adding an Image:

There are two ways to add an image to your template:

  1. You can  drag & drop one of the images you find in the website builder to your template (drag and drop: click on the image you want to use with the left mouse button and move the image to the desired position).

      2. You can upload your individual images: 

  • click on the button "File Manager":

  • A new window opens now, push the button "Upload Files"
  • You can now upload files from your locale PC to your website builder and position these elements with drag & drop on your template

Adding a Video:

We don't have standard videos in our website builder. Upload your videos via the "File Manager" to your account and add the videos the same way as you add images to your template