Make back up of e-mails

Follow the steps below to perform the backup process in Roundcube web interface.

Via Webmail portal

1) Login to your webmail using Roundcube web interface.

2) To backup email to your local computer, select the email and click on the ‘More’ icon from the taskbar.


3) Select the ‘Download (.eml) ‘option from the dropdown list and specify the location to save the emails.


The backup of email has been completed now.

However a major disadvantage of using the above method is that you can't download multiple emails at once but only download single mail at a time.


We recommend to use email client to download your emails for backup purpose.


The more recommended method is that you can configure the email account in your mail client using POP3 and download all the mails on your local end.

You can find our mail settings detail at the link