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Open an already installed website builder

- log in to your Servage account - click on 'Domains and Websites' and go to 'Advanced Website Settings' -> 'Sitebuilder': A new window opens and you see all website builder you installed - Click on "ADMIN" (yellow button) under the ACTIONS column You can now continue working with your website builder

Website builder - design/style

Our website builder gives you the chance to create your individual html page with plenty of tools to individualize your pages. - log in to your already installed websitebuilder - in the website builder, go to 'Design / Style': On the left hand, you can ow choose several functions to modify your template - DESIGN > You can choose between a larger number of designs. Choose the one you find most suitable for your purpose. - COLORS> Select the color you want - FONTS> C...

Website builder - Adding Images

- log in to your already installed website builder - in the website builder, go to 'Content Elements': - click on 'Images and & Videos' Adding an Image: There are two ways to add an image to your template: - You can drag & drop one of the images you find in the website builder to your template (drag and drop: click on the image you want to use with the left mouse button and move the image to the desired position). 2. You can upload your individual images: - click...

Website builder - Adding Widget teaser

- log in to your already installed website builder. - in the website builder, go to 'Content Elements': - click on 'Widget teaser' You can now drag & drop the widget teaser you see in the website builder to your webpage. Please don't forget to push the button "Save" to save your changes.

What is a Website Builder

The Servage website builder is software that allows you to create a html page online. The website builder is part of your Servage webhosting account and we have a free version for you. You will need no special programming skills to create a webpage. Via our website builder, you can create a fully functional web presence with our online website builder. We provide plenty of features to create and updating your website’s text or adding new articles, images or multimedia content such as video or au...

Free sitebuilder vs Premium sitebuilder

Free sitebuilder Premium sitebuilder Number of pages 10 unlimitted Apps 4 unlimitted eCommerce Media archive Booking Embedded code