How to use Thunderbird with the Servage settings

Thunderbird is a free, open-source, cross-platform application for managing email. You can use that tool to adminstrate your e-mail account which you set up via your Servage control panel.

With the following links and steps you can install and use Thunderbird with your Servage e-mail accounts

1) download the client (the software will be installed on your locale computer):

2) in the second step you need to configure the application. The process only requires few steps. On the following page, you find a step by step guide

During the setup process, ThunderBird will ask you for the server settings for incoming and outgoing e-mails. Here is an overview of the Servage server:

Incoming Server Address (IMAP):
Port: 143

Incoming Server Address (POP3):
Port: 110

Outgoing Server Address (SMTP):
Port: 587

NOTE: Even if you want to use TLS connection for emails, the details remain the same as above.

Make sure authentication is enabled for your outgoing server in your email client.