Climate smart data center

Servage Hosting moved it’s customers in 2018 and 2019 from the legacy data center to the current one in Vallentuna, north of Stockholm (Sweden). The aim of the migration was to provide an environment which is fast, secure, modern and, last but not least, green and sustainable. We succeeded that project with completion of the data center move.

Why it is important to run sustainable IT?  Data center consume large amounts of energy! People have become aware that the IT sector and technology used by businesses and individuals – from mobile phones to streaming services and gigantic data centers – have a large, and rapidly increasing, impact on the earth’s environment. As we use the Internet more and more, and more and more devices are connected to the network, more and more energy is needed to power today’s connected world. That is why the IT of the future must be climate smart and must take environmental responsibility.

Let me expand on the green aspect and on climate-smartness of the data center Servage uses: The data center Servage uses has a well-developed environmental strategy where the data center is very energy efficient, but without ever compromising performance. The newly built data center in Vallentuna uses renewable energy and generates reusable heat for the residents of the municipality. The data center in Vallentuna is, in short, one of the world’s most environmentally friendly data center with a strong focus on energy recovery and energy-efficient technology and cooling solutions – but of course without sacrificing performance, power or security.

The data center has even received the global eco-label Fossil Free Data. This means that it meets strict requirements to be energy efficient, have low carbon dioxide emissions and use 100% renewable electricity. The entire plant is run on green energy and in the closed system cold water is sent in and hot water out, with the result that the excess heat is used to heat the municipality’s property portfolio.

The data center is a clear statement! The technology used provides a clear acknowledgement that customers’ systems and data are managed in a sustainable manner which stresses our environmental responsibility and our believe that IT has to be climate smart.

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