How to manage the domain?

You can manage the domain registered through Servage from the control panel itself. Login to your Atomia control panel at Go to "Domains and Websites" Tap and click on "Domain Manager". The domains which are registered through Servage are visible here. Here you can check the whois, manage renewal, change the nameservers for the domain, lock and unlock domain(s) etc.

Where do I change my name servers?

Name servers change can be done from the domain registrar, if we stand as a registrar it is done under as follows. - "Domain and websites" - "Domain Manager" in the Control Panel. - Here you can view the domains registered via us. - Select the domain name and push the "Edit" button >> "Name servers" button. - You can now see the nameservers set for the domain. - Enter the Name servers or use select "Auto fill Servage nameservers" to set Servage nameser...

I see an old version of a page! Why?

This can be because either it is the old version of the website stored in the browser cache, this can usually be cleaned out by pressing Ctrl + R (PC) or Cmd + R (Mac). If not, it may be that you recently made a name server change, then it may take up to 48 hours before you see your website fully. It may be that you need to clear out the DNS cache on your computer. This is done with the following commands: Windows: type ipconfig / flushdns at a command prompt (run as administrator if you hav...

Domain services (forward, parking, DNS)

Choosing the service you want to run for the domain (Website, Forward, Parking or DNS): - log in to your Servage account - go to "Domains and websites" and choose "Websites": - a new window opens, push the button "Edit" for the domain you want to work on - go to the drop down menu "Service" and choose the service you want to run for the domain (in the picture below "Website" is chosen): - push the green button "Save" (if you chose "Forward", you ...

Are international domain names (IDN domains such åäö) allowed?

International (IDNs), domain name, ie domains with example åäö - basically works in all browsers. But the development has not yet caught up with the e-mail program. However if you still want to have the domains with special characters added on your account, you just need to add the domain name, in decoded version. Below you can find the IDN conversion URL :

Whois Protection

If you wish to have whois protection for the domain then please follow the below steps : 1) Login to your new servage control panel. 2) Click on "My Account" at the top 3) Go to "Extra services" 4) You will see the whois protection option. (Please note that payments for extra services are synchronized to your main package)

How to cancel domain renewal

- login to your Servage accout - click on "My Account" (top/right of your Servage account startpage): - Navigate to "Subscriptions" - go to "Domains" - Push the red cross ("Delete") or Turn off Renewal (to stop the renewals for the domain in the future).